Top three Hills date night ideas

You might be stumped as to how you’re going to make your first date with that special someone interesting, or you could be planning a night out with your significant other as a way to say “I care about you”.

One thing is for sure, the Hills District has an abundance of perfect date scenarios that can easily be executed in your local area.

Here are three left-of-centre ideas, ranging from wine and dine options, to nature walks and sporting activities that may turn a first date into a second one.

  1. Get back in touch with nature

The Hills area is paradise for picnic lovers, and what better way to showcase that to your date than a day out fruit picking, accompanied by a glass of bubbles, cheese, or a classic Australian Brewery Beer?

Around mid-May, you’ll be enticed by the divine scent of mandarin blossoms from Fords Farm. The first pick of the season is the Satsuma, a seedless variety that’s easy to peel and full of juice.

For something a little closer, Schofields Orchid will be bursting with an abundance of citrus fruit and, best of all, it’s only 20 minutes from Norwest.

A spectacular view can be enjoyed at the Watkins Orchid – a breathtaking farm, a mere hour away from Hills, that’s perfect for picnicking.

  1. Go full retro

Going retro can offer an element of fun – a must-have to all pitch-perfect dates. Plus, with so many entertainment ideas on offer, sometimes it’s nice to get back to basics – a spin around the ice-skating rink, or the bowling alley, followed by a romantic drive-in movie.

Strike Bowling at the Macquarie Centre, is open till late, and has a few added inclusions — panic rooms and karaoke — to keep you and your date entertained.

For those that love to keep things cool, Sydney Ice Arena in Baulkham Hills, has an Olympic-sized rink, and hosts a disco on ice every Friday and Saturday night. You can’t get more retro than that.

An old faithful, and coincidentally Sydney’s last remaining drive-in movie theatre, is Blacktown Drive-In which, we’re sure, has seen plenty of “yawn and arm stretch” action in its day.

  1. A trip around the world

Lunch in Paris, followed by a shopping trip in Honkers, might not be possible from the convenience of your Hills location but that doesn’t mean you still can’t sample the wondrous tastes and textures this world has to offer.

Start your date with a fresh and flavourful lunch at The Australian Hotel & Brewery, which includes beer sampling. Beer lovers can even book a tour through the brewery, and learn the fine art of beer making.

For a refined afternoon, in decadent surrounds, why not opt for light cocktails at Bella Vista Hotel?

End the night at the Hillside Hotel, where many a memory has been made, for a decadently rustic Italian dinner and, if you still have room, a plate of delicious signature crepes.

And while these are only three ideas, we hope they motivate you to explore the Hills, where the perfect date could be just around the corner.


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